Dating on Facebook – Facebook Dating Service

It is a good news for those who are still single or new relationships. Facebook’s new gift “Facebook Dating Service” for those who have been wasting money only by catching watchers for their life-loving or loved ones. By sending friend requests, being friends, then trying to transform that friendship into love. However, in most cases, only friends are added to Facebook or unfinished or blocking each other.

It’s almost like stories about contemporary failing to play on Facebook. But yes, Facebook’s friendship is not less than a life partner in real life. And love or marriage through Facebook is no longer a disaster. We often see that the spots from the identity of Facebook come running to each other by crossing the place of the bride, time, pot, country, race or religion. And so this is the new Facebook service Facebook Dating Service to prevent the relationship between the planet Earth and its people closer.

What is Facebook Dating Services?

Earlier, people did not resort to finding ways to find a bridegroom for marriage. This catches, either friends-relatives, relatives, neighbors, and all of them find paternal grandparents. And so, in this digital era, Facebook is going to introduce a life partner to find their dating services. By which people can find their favorite life partner.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook’s F8 developer conference on 1st May, “Dating services are going to be launched soon on Facebook”.

“This Facebook service is going to be a long-term, real-time, real-time, real-world relationship, not for short-term physical hooks,” said Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Is Launching A New Dating Feature To Compete With Tinder

How will Facebook dating services work?

Although Mark did not say anything about his Facebook Dating service, later on Facebook wrote about the dating service on their blog


We are working to connect a new service to Facebook applications for dating and permanent relationships. People are already familiar with new people through Facebook, and we want to make this experience even better. Facebook users can create a dating profile for him and of course, it will be different from their Facebook profile – and will be proposed as a possible pair based on mutual preferences, dislikes, matches, and mutual friends. Through this group, there will be a way to find a partner in a friendly match with your partner. And their Facebook friends will not know what people are not doing on the dating site. After the experimental dating service started this year, we will share more details.

Dating on Facebook

Why Facebook Dating Service?

However, many of the Facebook entry in dating industry is not surprising. A recent Pew Research Center study found that 15% of Americans use dating sites in their lifetime, and that is increasing in proportion to other countries. Another recent study found that dating industry averages $ 3 billion every year.

Moreover, it will not be forgotten that Facebook has long been involved in romantic relationships with humans. And the “Relationship Status” of social media has become so popular to the new generation worldwide and an integral part of life that Facebook’s new dating feature is undoubtedly different for them.

Now those who are complicated using Relationship Status are in complicated situations if they publish a new feature in such a way that “Dating is going on” or “Day of love” it may be good for Facebook.

But since Facebook has not yet launched the Dating Service and has not disclosed details about it, then it is naturally poking a lot of questions in our minds, in which the biggest 3 questions are:

1) Your dating information will be safe

Facebook has said that the dating services security system will be similar to Facebook’s own security system. If so, then the Cambridge Analyx scandal is the same way that some other information about your own life is captured by others. That would not be good. So Facebook has to improve the security of their users’ personal information.

2) How much will your friends and family know?

According to Marak’s words and Facebook’s announcement, dating services will be different from your Facebook profile. As a result, Facebook will find a suitable partner for you, who have mutual preferences, dislikes, matches, and interactions with friends or a mutual friend. So you can not know more about who will know about this profile and who will not know more details right now. Whether you are friends, colleagues or family, you may have to decide.

3) For whom is this new service?

Facebook has said that there are a lot of different kinds of Facebook dating services from online dating sites. People may go to other dating sites only to spend some time, but Facebook’s plan is to inspire people to be permanent or for long periods. So it can be said that it may be a good alternative to finding a partner for those who have been harassed by those who came in a short distance.


Facebook Dating Services – Blessings for the Society or New Curses

So for those looking for a wedding or a bride, the Facebook Dating Service will be a new and easy way to find a future life partner. However, Facebook’s commentary says that these dating sites have yet to leave. So, in that day you have to think about whether you have an account in the Facebook Dating Service. Because, just a few days ago, how many millions of Facebook user’s personal information has been hacked, it is a matter of how much you will express on your personal life on Facebook!

Moreover, the way Facebook is narrowing our thinking lineup, it has become a major source of waste and time, in which these new dating services will be the main thing in the future if they do more to bring people closer to more harm than society. In the end, it will say that modern technology is like a blessing for us and it is a curse to use it in a bad way. You will decide how you will use your next-door technology benefits, good work or bad purpose.

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